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  • !Pa’lante! “A Year In Family Housing.”
  • Alternating Currents. Spectral Lines. ”St. Petersburg, 1969”
  • Artistic Rights: “All Night Dreams of War.”
  • Beloved on the Earth: “But Jane, I Have Seen the Room Weep” (reprinted in Snapdragon Journal)
  • Bending Genres Anthology: “Augury for Spring” and “Who Brother”
  • Bollman Bridge Review: “Pantomime.”
  • The Cape Rock: “What Is Flammable,” “Mercy,” and “Spilling My Guts.”
  • Collective Aporia. “Like Mother–“
  • The Coe Review: “Brother Stone, Sister Rain.”
  • Contemporary Verse 2: “A Supplication to the Homelocked.”
  • Crannóg Magazine: “I Don’t Want Perfume.”
  • Derailleur Press: “Fine-Drawn.”
  • A Driftwood Highway Anthology: “A Recurring Vision,” “A Mural For My Skin,” and “The Metatron.”
  • Eclipse: “Canticle of Tin” and “Lamia.”
  • Freshwater: “Under These Periodic Cables.”
  • FutureCycle Weathering Anthology: “Why You Walk Alone.”
  • Grasslimb: “Ask Questions of the Stairs” and “Any Landscape Without My Brother.”
  • Great Weather For Media: “I Spun You” and “Seers Through The Dark.”
  • Havik: “In The Workshop,” and “I Never Tell You I Love You.”
  • Heartlodge: “Quondam.”
  • The International Journal for the Theory and Practice of Creative Writing: “Like Blood From Corners.
  • Levee Magazine: “The Moon” and “Temperance.”
  • Medusa’s Laugh: “There Will Be Wool.”
  • New Rivers Press: “Who, Brother?”
  • Non-Binary Review, Zoetic Press: “Beneath This Skin, Myself At Night.”
  • The Oyez Review: “Christopher is a Name of Resurrection” and “What is Flammable.
  • Perigee: “Losing the Fifth,” “Highway 710,” “Harem Women,” “Creosote Exhumed,” “Candid,”  “On Entry,”  and “Heavy.”
  • Poetica Review: “Too Much Shape,” “10 o’clock and 10 degrees” and “Waiting in July”
  • The Pointed Circle: “The Angel of Death” and “They Ask America.”
  • Red Hawk Review: “Beloved.”
  • Restless & Contraposition: “Speak, Road.”
  • The River Poets Journal: “Beyond the Rain.”
  • Rock & Sling: “The Hierophant.”
  • Santa Fe River Review: “Spiraling St. Isaac’s.”
  • Sheepshead Review. “You, Again.
  • South Broadway Ghost Society: “About My Breasts, Since You Asked” (reprinted in Fat & Queer).
  • Susan B. And Me: “The Ghost of Francis Laura.”
  • Tapestries: “Refracted.”
  • Write Like You Are Alive: “Justice.”

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Sherre Vernon (she/her/hers) is the author of two award-winning chapbooks: Green Ink Wings and The Name is Perilous. Sherre has been published in journals such as TAB and The Chestnut Review, nominated for Best of the Net, and anthologized in several collections including Fat & Queer and Best Small Fictions. Flame Nebula, Bright Nova, her full-length poetry collection, is available at Main Street Rag.